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Missouri is a wonderful place to live, but you don’t want to be without working AC in the hot, humid summer months or without heat in the winter. Located in Sugar Creek, Dave & Kelly’s Heating & Cooling offers air conditioning repair services to the surrounding areas, including Kansas City and Independence, MO. If your home doesn’t keep you comfortable, contact us to get fast and friendly heating and AC repairs.

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Heating and Cooling Repairs Kansas CityYou might be able to do some general troubleshooting, like checking that your thermostat is set correctly and has working batteries, breakers haven’t tripped, and fuses haven’t blown. After that point, however, you may not be able to fix your HVAC problems without experts to come help.

If your HVAC system doesn’t work as effectively as it should, makes loud or weird noises, or has stopped working completely, our team is ready to help. Whether the problem is with ductwork, the air conditioner, the furnaces, or a small part, our experienced team is ready to make the repairs you need. We’ll find the source of the problem and let you know what’s going on.

After we find the problem, we’ll give you our recommendation about the next steps. If the problem is small and we can correct it without more repairs in the future, we can repair the unit. If the problem will require a major repair, particularly if your heating or air conditioning unit is old, you may be better off with purchasing a new unit. We’ll give you our advice on which will be better for your situation and your budget.

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If your home isn’t warm or cold enough or you notice other signs that your HVAC system doesn’t operate as it should, you don’t have to stay uncomfortable. Contact us for heating or air conditioning repair in the Independence, MO, area. Call us toll-free, Monday – Saturday, at (816) 833-3635.

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